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how does globalisation benefit the economy in MEDCs

easier flows of capital
free trade- encourages trade between countries and makes us more interdependent
brand recognition
trade blocs- no trade tariffs


how does globalisation benefit the economy in LICs

investment in LICs- increase in country's wealth
fair trade and fair trade premium


how does globalisation benefit society

easier to communicate with people globally
increase in knowledge of other countries
media coverage- draws world attention to human rights violations
improvement of infrastructure and services in LEDCs due to investment


political benefits of globalisation

interdependence means there are better political relations between countries - we won't go to war with countries we rely on for goods
protection of the commons
trade agreements


(+) how many people use the internet

3 billion


(+) how much was paid in fairtrade premium to producers 2013-14

106.2 million euros


(+) how many countries are in the Antarctic treaty system



(+) how much did shell pay in royalties and corporate tax to the Nigerian government in 2016

$1.4 billion


(+) what percentage of UK exports go to EU countries and what does this show

importance of free trade and trade blocs in maintaining the economy


how does globalisation negatively affect society

relative poverty (exploitation of 3rd world countries)
terrorism (more media coverage=more terrorism as more media coverage)
exploitation of the environment (shell in Nigeria)
threatens people's sense of place - cultures can be dissolved in favour of westernised approach


how does globalisation negatively impact the economy in MEDCs

outsourcing (example of Foxconn in China)- loss of manufacturing jobs in MEDCs- multiplier effect in third world countries and de multiplier effect in MEDCs


how does globalisation negatively impact the economy in general

trade deficits
corporate domination
trade blocs - some countries excluded


how does globalisation have negative impacts politically

interdependence- if one economy fails the whole world suffers (eg Great Depression)
unequal distribution of power in bodies such as the UN (eg Big Four able to veto legislation)


(-) in 2011 what percentage of American media was owned by 6 companies



(-) how many suicides had occurred at Foxconn by the end of 2010



(-) in 2016 how large was the trade deficit from the UK to China

£25 billion


(-) how long will the Ogoniland environment take to recover from 2 large oil spills in 2008 and 2009

30 years


(-) what did humans do between 1950 and 2000 which shows our increasing consumer based economy

humans consumed more of the world's natural resources than during its entire previous history