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Which spinal system is associated with Pain?

Anterolateral system 


What are the 2 types of nociceptors and what simulus do they detect?

A(delta) - Mechanical

C - Mechanical, thermal, chemical


Describe the nerve endings of the nociceptors

Naked nerve endings


Describe how a lesion in the skin (a cut) causes activation of nociceptors and the immediate after effects

Cut in the skin results in cells releasing their contents (including K+, histamine, H+, bradykinin and prostaglandins) which then migrate to the nociceptor axon and activate it. Substance P is released from nerve endings of nociceptor which increases capillary permeability and contributes to inflammation.


How do NSAIDS and steroids work as an analgesic

NSAIDs and steroids are COX inhibitors that prevent the formation of prostaglandins which act to activate nociceptors


Describe the features of the A(delta) fibres

Sharp stabbing pain

well localised,

first pain felt

lower threshold

initiates withdrawal reflex


Describe the features of the C nociceptor fibres

Dull throbbing pain

poorly localised

second pain

higher threshold

tissue damage occurring


How do local anasthetics e.g. lidocaine work to stop pain?

lidocaine is a voltage dependent Na channel blocker, stops transmission along the axon fibre by not allowing AP to propagate


What lamina of the grey matter does the substantia gelatinosa refer to?

Lamina  2


What lamina of the grey matter are A(delta) fibres found in?

1 and 5


What lamina of the grey matter are C fibres found in?

1, 2 and 5


What lamina of the grey matter are A(beta) fibres found in?

3, 4 and 5


What is central modulation in relation to the pain system?

There is an inherent modulatory system where the brain can use endogenous opioid peptide analgesiscs and other neurotransmitters to block pain responses


Name 2 opioid neuropeptides involved in endogenous analgesics

endorphins, enkephalins


Name an antagonist and 2 agonists of opiate receptors

agonists - morhpine, codeine

antagonists - naloxone