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What are the four classes of anti arrhythmic drugs.
What is their mechanism of action.
Give an example of each class

Class 1, Na Channel Blockers, lidocaine/ flecainide
Class 2, Beta Blockers, propranolol
Class 3, Prolong repolarisation, amiodarone
Class 4, Ca channel Blockers, verapamil


What are the additional antiarrhythmic drugs, their MOA and examples

Cardiac glycoside, slow AV conduction, digoxin
Adenosine, slow AV conduction
Muscarinic Antagonist, speeds AV conduction, Atropine


What would you use for sinus tachycardia?

Class 2, Beta blockers, propronolol
Class 4, calcium channel blockers, verapamil


How do you treat AF/flutter

Class 1, Na channel blockers, flecainide
Class 2, Beta blockers, proponolol
Class 4, Calcium channel blockers, verapamil

Warfarin / NOACs to lower risk of stroke

Flecainide, 2 3 4 adenosine


How do you treat AV block

Antimuscarinic (atropine)


How do you treat ventricular tachycardia

Class 1, Na Channel Blockers, lidocaine
2, Beta blockers, propranolol
3, prolong repolarisation, amiodarone


How do you treat WPW syndrome

Class 1, Na Channel blockers, flecainide


How do you treat vagal bradycardia

Antimuscurinic (atropine)