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Restorative art professional expectations

* Orientation
* Surface bones of the cranium
* Surface bones of the face
* Prominences, depressions and cavities
* Facial proportions
* Reference to the photograph
* Facial profiles
* Head forms (frontal view)
* Bilateral forms of the head and features
* Identifying facial markings (cause of muscles)
* Wax modeling
* Structures of the ear (pinna)
* Structures of the nose
* Structures of the mouth
* Structures of the closed eye
* General restorative treatments
* Definition of color
* Cosmetology


Restorative art orientation professional expectations

* Definitions
* Restorations for which permission is not sought
* Real and complimentary charges for restoration


Restorative art orientation definition professional expectations

* Restorative art
* Physiognomy


Surface bones of the cranium professional expectations

* Geometric form of normal skull
* External cranial bones


Geometric form of normal skull professional expectations

Oval from three views


Surface bones of the face professional expectations

External facial bones


External facial bones professional expectations

* Location
* Surfaces


Prominences, depressions and cavities professional expectations

Description and location of prominences, cavities and depressions


Facial proportions professional expectations

* Values in order to make comparisons with photograph
* Horizontal lines (imaginary, vertical lines (imaginary), proportional relationships based on horizontal and vertical lines
* Additional measurements


Reference to the photograph professional expectations

* Comparative values of snapshots and professional portraits
* Values of the three-quarter view photo
* Value of profile view
* Definition of highlights and shadows


Facial profiles professional expectations

* Basic linear forms (disregarding nasal profile)
* Combinations of basic linear forms
* Most common form
* Least common form


Head forms (frontal view) professional expectations

* Geometric forms described
* Most common form
* Least common form


Bilateral forms of the head and features professional expectations

* Definition
* Asymmetry of paired structures
* Surfaces exhibiting a similarity of bilateral curvature
* Methods of comparing bilateral curvatures during a wax restoration


Identifying facial markings (cause of muscles) professional expectations

* Factors responsible for facial markings
* Definitions
* Reproduction of furrows, grooves and folds on wax area, classification of facial markings
* Definitions and examples of natural facial markings and acquired facial markings


Identifying facial markings (cause of muscles) definitions professional expectations

* Furrow
* Groove fold (eminence)


Wax modeling professional expectations

* Waxes
* Conditions of deep and surface tissues necessary for wax restoration (and methods and materials used)
* Technique of modeling features


Waxes professional expectations

* Types
* Qualifications of satisfactory waxes
* Cosmetics (in, under and upon wax)
* Softening wax


Structures of the ear (pinna) professional expectations

* General characteristics
* Anatomical guides for locating ear
* Description of ear structures


Structures of the nose professional expectations

* General description
* Racial classifications, profile classifications
* Anatomy, parts of the nose
* Nose restoration
* Physical and medical distortion


Structures of the mouth professional expectations

* Characteristics
* Identification of mouthparts, location and type of facial markings
* Description of structures
* Cosmetic application to alter thickness and width
* Restorations of mouth


Structures of the closed eye professional expectations

* Profile forms
* Line of closure, size and form of eyelids
* Location and description of fossa, supraorbital area, inner canthus sulci, linear sulci, cilia, supercilium
8 eye restorations


Eye restorations professional expectations

* Separated eyelids
* Orbital pouch
* Dehydrated inner canthus


General restorative treatments professional expectations

* Classification of cases requiring restorative art treatment
* Abrasions and lacerations
* Bleaching
* Burns
* Cancer treatment
* Decapitation
* Distentions
* Desquamation
* Excisions
* Fractures
* Hair restoration


Definition of color professional expectations

* The spectrum
* Absorption and reflection of naming colors
* Measures of color
* Pigment theory (Prang System)
* Color schemes
* Effect of colored lights on colored objects


Cosmetology professional expectations

* Coloring methods
* Pigments of the skin
* Pigment cosmetics necessary to match the skin
* Types of complexions
* Methods of applying external complexion compounds
* Change of overtones on an applied cosmetic highlights and shadows, natural warm-color areas on face and hands
* Natural color of lips
* Changing dimension of lips
* Effect of powder
* Treatment of complete (or extensive) discoloration

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