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How are complete λ bacteriophages formed?

Bacteriophage λ undergoes either lytic replication or lysogeny following the infection of E. coli
Lytic replication results in cell death of E. coli and the formation of clear plaques on a cell lawn
The heads and tails of λ systems are self-assembling proteins
The addition of DNA containing COS sites ate the correct spacing (43-53 kb) allows spontaneous formation of a complete λ phage


Describe λ phage vectors

Have a central stuffer fragment which is replaced by DNA to be cloned


What is the central stuffer?

Contains genes used in the lysogenic life cycle


What type of DNA can be taken up by a λ phage vector?

Linear DNA


How does the DNA fragment fit into the vector?

It replaces a part of the phage


How efficient is the transformation?

Very efficient (10^9 μ^-1) and is constant with increasing insert size