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Describe the structure of the breasts

-Mammary glands embedded within lobulated masses of tissue separated by fibrous/adipose tissue
-Lobes contain alveoli, lactiferous ductules and blood vessels


What is mammogenesis? Describe what happens

-The preparation of the breasts for lactation during pregnancy
-Hypertrophy of the duct-lobe-alveolar system


When is milk production possible in pregnancy?

-From trimester 2


Why does pregnancy favour growth of breasts over secretion of milk?

-High progesterone:oestrogen


What is lactogenesis? Describe this stage

-Synthesis of milk
-Fats and proteins and sugars are secreted and synthesised by sER and golgi.
-Neutrophils/macrophages enter alveolar space to protect against infection


What is galactokinesis? Describe this

-Ejection of milk
-Let-down reflex -> alveoli are surrounded by myoepithelia and contract in response to oxytocin


What stimulates oxytocin release in order to stimulate the let-down reflex?

-Mechanical stimulation of breast and nipple eg suckling


What is galactopoesis? Explain how this works

-Maintenance of lactation
-Prolactin is stimulated by suckling and causes the production of milk for the next feed which is stored in the alveoli and ducts (secretory change)


State some situations when lactation would cease

-Stopped suckling -> lost feedback of prolactin
-Prolactin supression
-Age due to breast involution


Descrbe the changes in milk which occur from a few days to mature milk

-Begins as colostrum which has a high protein and igG count
-Turns into mature milk with an increase in water and fats and proteins such as lactalbumin