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What is the appearance of the cervical annulus fibrosus?

a horse-shoe with the anterior margin thick and the lateral margins tapering to the uncinate processes; posterior margin is thin


What compensates for the thinness of the posterior part of the cervical annulus fibrosus?

posterior longitudinal ligament


What is the organization of the lumbar annulus fibrosus?

it has 12-14 concentric cylindrical lamellae


**What is the water concentration in the lumbar annulus fibrosus at birth and after thirty?

birth...78%; thirty...70%


what is the organizational pattern for glycosaminoglycans in the lumbar annulus fibrosus?

they typically have a binding site for hyaluronic acid and are thus aggregated


Which type of collagen is dominant in the annulus fibrosus?

collagen type I


What is the organizational pattern for collagen fibers in the annulus fibrosus?

they are parallel with one another in a single lamellus and angled


What is the organization of collagen fibers between lamellae?

collagen fibers will be angled in the opposite direction such that a spiral - counterspiral organization is observed


What is the average angle of collagen fibers within the annulus fibrosus?

they average 50 to 60 degrees


What is the origin for the cells of the annulus fibrosus?


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