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Define dislocation

Complete loss of contact of the joint surfaces.


Define subluxation

Partial dislocation of a joint so that the bone ends are misaligned, but still in contact.


Which muscles allow pronation of the forearm?

-pronator teres
-pronator quadratus


What muscles allow supination of the forearm?

-biceps brachii


What features allow pronation/supination?

-head of the radius and capitulum articulation
-annular ligament
-sacciform recess


What separates the distal radio-ulnar joint cavity from the wrist cavity?

The articular disc


Which ligament ensures the hand follows the radius in supination?

Palmar radio-carpal


What ligament ensures the hand follows the radius in pronation?

Dorsal radio-carpal


What is abduction at the wrist limited by?

Radial styloid process


What is abduction of the hand AKA?

Radial deviation


What is adduction of the wrist AKA?

Ulnar deviation.


What type of joint is the elbow joint?

A hinge synovial joint


What type of joint is the wrist/ radio-carpal joint?

A condyloid synovial joint


What are the three articulations of the elbow joint?

1. humero-ulnar joint- between the trochlea of the humerus and the trochlea notch of the ulna.
2. Humero-radial joint- between the capitulum of the humerus and radial head.
3. Proximal radio-ulnar joint- between the medial edge of the radial head and the radial notch of the ulna.


What are the three elbow ligaments that strengthen the joint capsule? Where are they found?

-radial collateral - between lateral epicondyle and annular ligament of radius.
-ulnar collateral - between the medial epicondyle, ole random and coronoid process.
-annular ligament - collar surrounding the radial head that ensures it remains within the radial notch on ulna.


What is the purpose of the interosseous membrane? (2)
Which way do its fibres run?

Keep the radius and ulna together during pronation and supination.
Prevents superior displacement of the radius when a force is applied to the outstretched hand as allows force distribution to ulna.


Which bursa causes miner's elbow?

Subcutaneous olecranon bursa- repeated pressure on it causes inflammation.


Which bursa becomes inflamed due to friction, and is most painful during flexion?

Subtendonous bursa.

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