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4 common meanings that describe work

  • meanings that descrobe ______
  • Developing self
  • Union with others
  • Expressing self
  • Serving others


Meaning mission fit

  • ______ explains how corporate executives with a better alignment between their personal intentions and their firms mission care more about their employees happiness, job satisfaction, and emotional well-being


Career construction theory

  •  _____ theory posits people build careers through their own actions that result from the interface of their own personal characteristics and social context 
  • What you end up doing is a response to your situation based on what you've been given as raw materials


Occupation Theory 1 by Holland

  • _____ theory by ____ : people choose occupation that fits with traits  - personality, skills, intelligence, abilities and their occupational interests
  • 6 personality types that combine these factors
  • investigative
  • Social
  • Realistic
  • Artistic
  • Conventional
  • Enterprising


Social cognitive career theory career 

  • ____ theory by ____ is a result of the application of ____ concept of self-efficacy
  • Based on 4 main factors
  • Self efficacy
  • Outcome expectancy
  • Interests
  • Choice goals (what you want to achieve)
  • Environmental supports and or barriers


Reality shock is

  • _____ is  a situation that what you learn in the classroom does not always transfer to the real world and does not represent all you need to know
  • common amongst young workers 
  • Best rectified through internships


A mentor or coach is

  •  a ____ is part teacher, sponsor, model, counselor who facilitates the on the job learning to help the new hire do the work required in his or her present role and to prepare for future roles 
  • Ensures the protégée is noticed by the supervisor to get credit for stuff
  • So a lot rides on the mentor protégée relationship
  • feel the erikson generativity thing
  • But having a bad ___ is worse than having no ____ at all so the selection process is important


Job satisfaction

  •  _____ is the positive feeling that results from an appraisal of one's work - it is multifaceted
  • older workes report higher _______
  • Hope, resilience, optimism, self-efficacy
  • increases with age - could be one of two things:
  • You either get your shit together and find a work you like
  • You learn to like what you have


How does job satisfaction change with age, and why?

  • Blue collar jobs tend to become less satisfying whereas white collar jobs tend to become more satisfying with age for both women and men  and across cultures



  • _____ is when workers feel like what they are doing is meaningless and their efforts are devalued or when they do not see the connection between what they do and the final product
  • Most likely when doing routine, repetitive tasks
  • Companies need to provide supportive environments by establishing trust
  • Involve them in decision making process
  • Create flexible work schedules
  • Institute employee development and enhancement programs



  • ____ is when pace and pressure of an occupation becomes more than a person can bear; a depletion of a person's energy and motivation, the loss of occupation idealism, and the feeling that one is being exploited
  • Most common in helping professions
  • Tendency to keep staff slim during hard times put more stress on the individuals


Vallerand Passion Model 

  • ____ _____ modelproposes developing passion toward enjoyable activities that are incorporated into identity
  • Distinguishes between two types of passions: Obsessive and harmonious
  • Obsessive: Person is unable to let go of the thing and so it conflicts with other things
  • Predicts higher level of burnout
  • Harmonious: activity in harmony with other aspects of  a person's life
  • Predicts lower level of burnout
  • Lowering burnout has to do with organization betterment and employee stress reduction, lowering other people's expectations, cognitive restructuring of work situation, finding other ways of personal growth


Describe the gender differences in occupational choice

  • In the past it was all traditional roles:
  • Teachers
  • Secretaries
  • Social work
  • More recent moves towards typically male dominated roles but skilled trades still have the lowest number of women: electrician, plumber, carpenter
  • But women who choose non-traditional roles are viewed negatively as compared with successful men in the field
  • Research shows men still prefer to date women in the traditional careers


Women tend to leave jobs for 2 reasons 

  • these two reasons are why: 
  • 1) organizations overvalue the way men work: individuality, self-sufficiency, individual contributions, competitiveness, rationality instead of relationships, interdependence and collaboration
  • 2) women feel disconnected from the workplace and leave before they reach their peak in order to achieve satisfaction, growth, development - lack of support, discrimination
  • sometimes they leave for family obligations 


Gender discrimination

  • ____ is denying a job to someone solely on the basis of whether the person is a man or a woman - still pervasive
  • Stricter job performance standards apply to women


Glass ceiling

  •  _____ is the idea that women may rise within an organization but beyond which they may not go
  • Men are often oblivious to this
  • Pervasive across higher management and professional workplace settings
  • Little progress has been made in number who lead major corporations
  • also applies to african and asian americans


Glass cliff

  • _____ is where the leadership position is precarious
  • They are put in leadership roles when the company is doing poorly, so they are at a disadvantage


Age discrimination

  • ____ ____ involves denying a job or promotion to someone based solely on basis of age
  • Over 40
  • Must hire people based on ability not age
  • Employment prospects are lower for middle aged adults - common in hong king for those over 45
  • Sometimes covert


Career plateauing

  • ____ ____ occurs when there is a lack of challenge in one's job or promotional opportunity in the organization or when a person decides not to seek advancement
  • Results in less organizational commitment
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Greater tendency to leave


factors that determine whether a transition will occur?

  • Whether you like your job can lead to transition as well as skill obsolescence and economic trends, robots, overseas outsource: this determines whether _____ will occur


Occupational Insecurity 

  • below are symptoms of ______ ______ 

  • People who worry about their jobs tend to have poorer physical and psychological health 

    May result in negative attitude towards boss and attitudes around success 

    People who perceive their job to be at risk show same stress levels as those who are unemployed 

  • Emotion focus and problem focused strategies are the ways in which people deal with the problem
  • Emotion focussed people make themselves feel better to ward off the anxiety and this doesn't work so well
  • Problem focus focus on changing the situation and they tend to end up feeling less stressed cause thy did something about it


Coping with unemployment

  • symptoms of and coping with ______ 
  • Significantly lower mental health, life satisfaction. Marital and family satisfaction, subjective physical health,
  • With reemployment, these symptoms disappear
  • Middle aged men are more vulnerable than younger or older men because they have the greatest financial responsibility but women report more problems over time
  • Decline in immune

    Decreased well-being 

    Financial hardship, difficult personal choices 


Advice for unemployment

  • advice for _________
  • Approach job loss with a healthy sense of urgency
  • Consider what your next move is
  • React to change as soon as it is evident
  • Cautious of stopgap employment
  • Identify realistic goals and list steps you must take to achieve them


Employed Caregivers

  • Mothers
  • Decision to return to work depends on money and how much they like their work
  • Perception of ideal working hours and conditions changes in regard to gender and life-cycle stage
  • Big question is whether going on leave will affect their career negatively and if usually does


Dependent care and effect on workers 

  • Caring for a dependent has negative effects all around
  • Physical, mental, career path
  • Women's career more affected than men's
  • Support from partner and family lessen's the impact


Backup care 

  • ____ provides emergency care for dependent children or adults so the employee does not need to lose a day at work


Work-family conflict

  • _____ _____ conflict is the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions by incompatible demands from one's job and one's family
  • 60% are dual earners
  • Peaks during peak parenting years when there are two pre-school children
  • work stress has a bigger impact on family life than family stress on work life 


Leisure activities 

  • ____ ____ are discretionary activity that includes simple relaxation, activities for enjoyment, and creative pursuits
  • Differs among men and women and age groups
  • preferences in OA reflect those earlier in life 


Jopp and hertzog broke leisure down into 

  • _____ broke down into these according to ____ and ____ 
  • Physical
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Tav
  • Social private
  • Social public
  • Religious
  • Travel
  • Experiential
  • Developmental
  • Technology
  • People choose based on
  • Perceived competence
  • Psychological comfort
  • Other factors for deciding what to do are:
  • Income, interest, health, abilities, transport, education, social characteristics
  • Some vary across class like basketball as opposed to skiing
  • Women tend to participate less in physical activities of leisure


Developmental changes in leisure

  • Young adults participate in a wider range than middle aged
  • Young are into more intense - scuba, parasailing
  • Middle age focus on home and family oriented water slides
  • Frequent participation in childhood tends to predict activity later in life