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When stretching to supply a cellar pipe you should insert a one way gate how far away from discharge end?

One length from discharge end

NOTE when available 3" hose shall be stretched to front of building then reduced to 2 1/2


When using sub-cellar pipe where is position of crossbar?

Between the pipe and the building

note if note possible to arrange crossbar so that between pipe and building then pipe shall be placed between crossbar and building


If using bent cellar pipe on exterior entrance to cellar what do you use to support pipe?

A portable ladder placed across opening


When using a sub-cellar pipe how do you know the direction of the stream?

When properly assembled observe the position of the handles on upper section. The are always at right angles to nozzle


When using BRESNAN, BONNER AND NEW YORK DISTRIBUTORS, how do we know it's in proper position?

Lower through opening until touches floor or stock below then raise until midway and operate in that position


Heffernan and Dougherty distributors are used for ship and pier fires what hose sizes are used to supply each distributor

3 1/2 for heffernan
3" for Dougherty