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When no viable water source is found by operating pumper (normally first due) what should be transmitted and by whom?

A 10-70 should be transmitted over department radio and HT by the office for ECC


Who is designated Water Resource Unit at a 10-70?

Next arriving pumper after 1st


What hydrant connections are used to feed the supply pumper?

Either the10 foot or 35 foot connection


When you supply the operating pumper with 3 1/2 hose you should connect where on operating pumper

Connect to 3" gated inlet on panel side from 3" outlet of supply pumper


The operating pumper and supply pumper must always operate in Volume position

Not always the operating pumper must be in pressure position if need to overcome head pressure : ie standpipe


The ECC of supply pumper SHOULD do the following before he is ready to feed operating pumper

Test hydrant
Hook up
Open hydrant fully
Engage pumps
Prime pump
Set readings PPG to match idle pressure on pump pressure gauge
Communicate he is ready
Slowly open discharge gate when water called for


What will the pressure on the pump pressure gauge of the supply pumper be after he engages the pumps?

It will be equal to the intake pressure from the hydrant plus the pressure the pumps idle at in volume (55 psi) in volume and 110 psi in pressure
NOTE : pump pressure will be between 100-125 psi in volume
Exception Staten Island


While waiting for water from the supply pumper the ECC should leave the gated inlet open so air is expelled from line

No he should leave the gate closed while also leaving drain to gated inlet open once good water flow OSS observed coming from drain close drain air is now expelled from the line


If already supplying water to handline(s) via booster water the operating pumper will to set he's pro pressure governor when should he do this

After the intake gate is opened fully and discharge gates are adjusted on hand lines to accommodate the increased pressures he then sets the pro pressure governor to match pump pressure gauge


When being supplied via relay the operating pumper intake pressure should not drop below 15 psi if it does what should be done ?

The ECC of the operating pumper should request to increase throttle (tap up pro pressure governor in increments of 10 psi


If the supply pumpers intake pressure drops below 15 psi he should notify whom and tell them what ?



If the operating pumpers intake pressure exceeds 150 psi or the automatic relief valve discharges what should he communicate to supply pumper ECC

Should insure supply pumper is in volume position

NOTE relief valve will discharge if inlet pressure is between 150 to 175


If possible it is better to supply hand-lines before setting up relay. Agree or disagree

Disagree better to set up relay


With both the supply pumper and operating pumper operating in volume the idle pressure on the operating pumper will usually be between

150-175 psi

Intake from relay approximately 100 psi plus apparatus idle at 55 psi