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Member 1 the lowering member should Don the life belt with the hook

On the right side


Member 1 (lowering member ) should place the carrying case how

Facing point of decent place the carrying case on the roof with the back of case facing point of decent


After inverting the bag the lowering member (#1) the ember will place the case clear of the operation and then grasp the snap hook from the top and place it

On the roof to the left adjacent to the coil


As member one pays out rope from top of coil to the substantial object the Member being lowered(#2). Will

Place one foot on the snap hook


Member 1 the lowering member tie a

Clove hitch and binder on taught part of rope around substantial objec


After tying substantial object knot member 1 (lowering member ) will return to rope and grab the hook that was maintained. By member 2 he will attach it to

The bottom part of the "O" ring of the life belt


After pulling the legs loops up and hold the knot snugly against your stomach member # 2 ( member being lowered ) will assist member #1 In Tying the slippery hitch . Member number two will face number 1 and hold anti-chaffing device in which hand ?

Right hand


After tying the the slippery hitch member 1 will walk toward the point of decent and remove the slack from the rope . At this point member # 1 will face number 2 and grasp the rope leading to anti chaffing device with ______ hand and bring his hand back along rope to _____

1. Right
2. Right hip


After bringing rope back to right hip member number one will use this as a mark . He will bring the rope forward and lay _____ on the rope with _____ facing

Solid part of hook (life belt )
Gate to left


The following procedures are in order for attaching the rope to member # 1 hook(lowering member

All of the following are performed by member #1
After laying solid part of hook on rope then:
1. Pull gate down with left hand and turn gate fully with left hand with twisting direction to the left this will unlock gate
2. With left hand push gate over to the solid side of hook ..as gate reaches end of motion grab hook , rope and gate together with right hand
3. Using left hand make four turns under and over (balls to belly)the life belt hook with the rope leading to member 2
4. Release gate (gate will close automatically)
5. Push the gate lock into notched potion of gate . This completes the locking system


After the rope is lock into member #1 hook , the lowering member (#1) will hold the life belt hoo with his _____hand. He will hold the hook with his left hand _____. Then he will move his right hand along the rope to his _____

1. Left hand
2 palm down
3. Right buttock


When member one is ready member 2 will begin to straddle parapet . He will hold the anti-chaffing device in ______hand and turn to the ______ Side and straddle the parapet _____ leg to the outside

1. Left hand
2. Right
3. Right leg


When straddling the parapet member #2 will allow enough slack in the rope to place the anti-chaffing device flat on the parapet with approximately _____inches of device over the edge

5 inches


When ember number rolls of the parapet into a vertical position his feet approximately ______apart

12 inches
Toes up


Differences btwn building with a parapet or building without parapet

Member #2
Hold anti-chaffing in left hand and walk to point of descent
Sit with legs over edge the rope and anti-chaffing device will be to left
With anti-chaffing device in place member 2 will place left hand btwn the anti-chaffing device and left leg using hand to pivot roll body to left into push-up position and make sure rope is in channel
Lower body into vertical position


When being lowered for a rescue pick-up the member being lowered(#2) should stop initial where

Out of the reach of the victim


After the initial stop in the rescue pick-up evolution member # 2 will use forceful commands to instruct the victim . He will give commands DOWN, STOP DOWN STOP until he reaches where

Shoulder to,shoulder with victim


After you are shoulder to shoulder with victim you will pull yourself into window by using ______. Never use _____to pull yourself in

1. Window frame
2. Victim


When member 2 gets into the window he will instruct the victim to place both his arms around your _____ and both his legs around your ______


2. Waist


Member will grab the victim by _____

Placing your arms around the victims upper torso under the armpits and lock your hands around the victims back


Reliable substantial objects on roof are

Aerial ladder
Around a chimney
Or cut hole and tie around exposed beam


Unreliable substantial objects are

Plumbing vents
Sheet metal housing for roof vents
newel posts


Hand signals when using guide member

Lower -point downward with index fingers

STOP- clenched fists


When rescuing unconscious victim you must

Use the bowline on bite and slippery hitch must be tied