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Differences btwn LSR evolution with life belt and with personnel harness

1. At being of evolution Both members adjust their leg straps for proper fit, both members open bottom snap of coat for access hook support strap . At this time# 1 release hook from support strap
2. Case must be placed midway btwn point of descent and substantial object
3. Bowline and bight must be removed


After member #1 ties substantial object knot . Member 2 (member being lowered) will pull the harness handle from beneath your bunker coat and attach the snap hook to

The harness handle

End of rope from anti-chaffing device


After tying substantial object knot member one( lowering member ) will return to coiled rope and pick up the snap hook that was maintain by member 2 . He will attach the hook to

Bottom part of hook of your harness snap hook face down
End of rope tied to substantial object


After member 1 places solid part of hook on rope with gate to left . He will the grasp the rope and hook in right hand . With his left hand pull down the gate and _______open gate freely

1/4 turn to left


What should you do make ensure gate is closed and locked

Apply lateral pressure with left hand


While member 2 is preparing to dismount the parapet , how will maintain the position of the anti chaffing device

Place the thumb of the right hand on top of the anti-chaffing device while the fingers grasp the inner edge of the parapet