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In a four man engine when performing in-line pumping who is the hydrant FF and who is the hose FF

Hydrant FF = control FF
HOSE FF = back up ff


In a 5 man engine who is the hydrant ff and who is the hose ff

Hydrant FF= control FF
Hose FF=door FF


When performing in line pumping where does the pumper initially stop?

Pumper stops so that rear step is opposite the hydrant


Who tests the hydrant at in line pumping operation and what tools should he bring with him?

The control FF EQUIPPED with a hydrant wrench and 2 1/2 gate
Bolt cutter if necessary


Who keys the hydrant at in line pumping operation

Back up FF In a 4 man engine
Door FF 5 man engine


True or False : hooking up in line supply line should be given priority over supplying booster water

False booster water is priority


When keying hydrant for in line the hose ff pulls enough hose off he wraps the hydrant with hose and leaves how much excess hose after taking turn around hose

Two feet


When pumper gets to operating position what does ECC due next

Drops booster water
Engages pumps
Breaks 3,1/2 and connects to 3 " gated inlet
Notifies hydrant ff To start water


In a four man engine who initially controls stretch while waiting for control ff


NOTE : Door in 5 man


After controlling the stretch the control ff immediately proceeds to fire

False he insures all tools are placed on apparatus then proceeds to fire moving hose close to curb removing kinks


If the ECC initially uses booster water to supply hose what must he do

Notify officer when hydrant water started


Who does the ECC NOTIFY when the ILP PUMPER needs tone augmented

IC AND incoming engine companies


Can you in line pump when there is water alert

Yes but only when absolutely necessary


When in line pumping the hydrant selected must be on how many inch main or larger?

6 inch of larger


When in line pumping what is the max amount of lengths of hose shall be used in the initial supply line

No more than 6 lengths of 3 1/2


When intake pressure drops below what PSI the pump operator shall do what

15 psi and have his intake supply augmented


Whst is the max amount of lengths that can be hand stretched back to hydrant

3 lengths of 3 1/2


When on the back step the hose FF RINGS the back step buzzer once the ECC would know this to mean a

Emergency stop


If the hose ff rings the buzzer twice on the back step he is

In position and pumper can proceed


3 buzzers would indicate

Area to rear of pumper is clear for backing up ops and under proper supervision


When in line pumping what is considered low initial intake pressure

30 to 40 psi

NOTES: must check as static pressure prior to starting water


In line pumping may be used as a supply option if

Signal 10-70 is transmitted