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Who can order the deployment of the KO curtain?

Only when ordered by IC.


In what situations shall the KO Curtain be deployed ?

1. Window in fire apartment has failed and size up indicates wind is blowing into apartment continuously or intermittently
2. Size- up indicates that deployment of KO curtain prior to window failure will prevent wind driven fire from developing


What will be the effects of us ing the KO CURTAIN.

Immediate 50% decrease in temp
Significant flame reduction
Increase in smoke production


The deployment ff on the floor above should remove the window so he can have better access to deploy KO curtain

No don't break or remove window unless absolutely necessary


Once the KO curtain is deployed the chance of auto exposure is reduced because window is now covered

False you can expect the fire to vent and auto expose the deployment window through the space between KO curtain and the building wall


The deployment ff must have his full ppe donned and face piece in the stand bye position when deploying the KO curtain just in case conditions change on the floor above?

False deployment ff must have face piece on and ppe donned


When deploying KO curtain the IC must have a spotter to watch and coordinate deployment?

Not a must depending on conditions encounterd


Where does the spotter get the binocular that will be needed?

From the battalion vehicle


Where will the spotter position himself ?

To see target window
Position will enable spotter to Confirm that the deployment and receiving ff are in position at correct windows
Once deployed ensure it is in proper position
Observe effects of ko curtain on vent profile and report results to IC


Who decides which window the KO curtain will be deployed from

The deployment ff


Who will coordinate the deployment of the KO curtain?

The 1st arriving ladder company officer on the fire floor


Who decides when the deployment of the KO curtain is ready and when should this be done

The deployment ff after both the deployment and receiving ff are in position at there respective windows

This is only up to point they are in Position then the ladder company officer In fire apt coordinates


After KO curtain is in position the ropes should be secured by Tying off

False do not tie off


How shall the ropes secured while KO curtain is being deployed out window

Place hand holding ropes under sill of window and lock rope with hand against wall


The ropes of the KO curtain should be throw so the KO curtain clears any obstructions below

No they should not drop ropes not throw


Who is notified when KO curtain is in position?

The IC and ladde company officer on fire floor


Once the fire is darkened down the deployment ff and receiving ff may leave there positions at the windows to perform other assigned duties like ventilation of floor above

No not until ordered by IC


If conditions improve the ladder company officer inside fire apartment may order the KO curtain removed so he can vent and search

False only the IC can aprrove the KO curtain removed after it is deployed

Request of removal will be by ladder officer in fire apt after consulting with engine officer in charge of hose line inside apt


How will the ladder company officer confirm the fire is extinguished ?



What will the engine officer due before the removal of KO curtain

Inform nozzle team of KO removal and insure they are prepared to extinguish any fire that may arise after KO removal