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Tools necessary for deploying fire window blanket

1 blanket
2 sets of FE TOOLS including a rabbit tool/hydra ram
2 six foot hooks


Fire window blanket so deployed from

The floor above

Can be deployed from 2 floors above

Can be predeployed prior to window failing


Bring blanket to apt directly over fire on the ______ side

Windward side


Should you remove window on floor above to deploy blanket

Should not unless absolutely necessary


Members placing hooks adjacent windows to secure top straps should place them _____ to building



Members can do the following or assist the flight of top straps to adjoining windows

1. Carabiner in the handle of the strap
2. Attach utility rope to handle
3. Attach strap to 6 foot hook and pass hook


Member who throws blanket out will do so after

Approval of IC
Checking with two members who are securing top straps


Member who controls the blanket should slide the blanket down the side of the building so as to not damage the blanket

False throw blanket away from Building


Who can deploy window blanket

Anyone can