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After removing the anchor of the PSS with your right hand, you will grab the the hook with both hands a pull forward sharply this will allow the following 3 things to happen?

1. Deploy the EXO From the storage bag
2. Disengage the handle support strap
3. Allow the PSS D ring to slide forward


Before deploying the PSS system to escape an untenable position you must do what first ?

Transmit a mayday for a trapped member

Beside all required info for mayday for trapped member you must also include you are deploying PSS
IC must be notified when reach safety


What is the preferred method of anchoring the PSS system

Tying of to substantial object


When using the PSS after fully deploying the harness handle you will leave the hook in which hand and grasp the EXO with which hand?

The left hand holds the hook
The right hand slides down the rope and grabs the EXO


After you slide the right hand down to EXO you must introduce enough rope between the hook and EXO. how much rope ?

Just enough to pass rope around substantial object and tie knot

Note if you introduce to much rope may cause system to be shock loaded when exiting windo


How do you tie the anchor knot for PSS deployment ?

1. Pass hook around substantial object
2. Palms up place anchor hook on top of rope
3. Make half hitch with right hand
4. Place half hitch over hook and pull taught
5. Make second half hitch same as first pull taught


If placing anchor hook around object without anchor knot where should you place hook?

As low as possible keeping tension


When loading the system you will move backwards from anchor point until rope and EXO are under tension? Leaning back sharply will do the following things

1. Test substantial object
2. Insure full harness handle deployment with PSS D ring and EXO at top of harness handle
3. Expose EXO


When paying out from anchor point to exit window you should look over which shoulder?

Your right shoulder


When paying out from anchor to exit point you grasp the EXO with which hand holding it palm up or down and depressing the cam with this part of hand

Hold with left
Palm up
Depress cam with heel of left hand making sure keep all fingers away from rope


Will you be able to slide the EXO along rope without depressing cam

No you must depress cam


Must the EXO be brought outside window before exiting window?

Yes it is absolutely necessary to bring it point beyond the outermost edge of the sill


Where do you place your right hand when paying out from anchor to exit?

Right hand grasps the rope between the EXO and storage bag with Palm facing down

Keep rope in right hand when moving across room
Maintain small amount of slack between right hand EXO


When moving across room you should keep a small amount of slack between right hand and EXO. The reason for this is ?

To eliminate friction while moving towards window


Leading with which hand is most effective way to exit room when using pss

Leading with right hand


When exiting window when should you let go of EXO

After EXO is beyond outer most edge of window sill


After letting go with the EXO where do you place your left hand?

Inner edge of interior wall making sure as to not have hand under rope


After you grab the interior wall with left hand you should do what with right hand ?

1.Right hand still holding rope pull rope taught
2. Place right fist outside against wall below sill
3. Maintain left hand position inside window
4. Roll forward until upper torso and right leg outside window
5. Lock left leg on interior wall
6. Maintain grasp of rope with right hand
7. Release left leg from interior wall
8. Maintain left hand position to allow body to pivot to upright
9. Release left hand


When should you let go off interior wall with left hand?

Not until body is in upright position outside window


When moving from substantial object towards exit window you keep EXO in which________ hand and you should maintain tension between__________and___________.

Left hand
Between EXO and substantial object


When outside window with toes against wall how far apart do you keep your feet?

Shoulder width apart


After exiting window you should hold rope in right hand at what angle?

90 degree to EXO


What will control your descent ?

Controlled by operation of EXO with left hand
And proper positioning of right hand


To disconnect from system you should

Disconnect carabiner from "d" ring

Note you should descend to lower level or ground level ...ground level if possible