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Purpose of single slide

Enable a ff to remove themselves from an untenable position above grade
Used as a last resort
Shall not be used for rescue pick up


Where do you place carrying case in single slide

On roof near Substantial object you plan to use


The bowline on the bit is not necessary for the single slide evolution do you remove it

No do not remove it


After you place the carrying case near the substantial object You would like to use . You should

1. Remove snap hook from pocket of the case
2. Grasp the anti-chaffing device and pull it through window , be sure bowline and bight is pulled through also
3. Secure LSR rope buy taking a turn around substantial object and tie clove hitch and binder on taught part of rope
4 grasp anti-chaffing device with one hand and pick up carrying case with other
5 walk to planned point of descent , sliding anti-chaffing device along rope and deploy rope by tossing the carrying case to street


Locating point to grasp on rope with parapet

Standing to right of rope place left elbow on the outer edge of the parapet and reach down and grasp with left hand
This is your measurement


Locating point to grasp on rope without parapet

Standing to the right of rope kneel down and grasp rope at the roofs edge with the left hand


After you take your mark with the rope you will turn to the left an your back will be

Facing point of descent


After facing your back to the point of descending with ______hand lay the solid part of the life belt hook on top of the rope at a ______. Then grasp the rope and hook together in ____hand

1. Right
2. Point of the left hand
3 right


Four turns should be done In what manner

Under and over

Balls to belly


After you take your four turns and lock the life belt hook you will slide the _____ hand back along the rope _______and grasp the rope firmly

1. Right hand back
2. 6 inches back


To maintain the postion of the anti-chaffing device on the roof the sliding member should secure it by

Placing the heel of left hand on the anti-chaffing device


After straddling the parapet you will move the gloved right hand along the rope stretching the arm _______ how far

Full arms length
Grasp,rope firmly at this point


Who ready to slide you should bring the left hand from the parapet and grasp the hook

Palm down


After you swing off the parapet into the vertical position you should bring right hand where

To right buttock and grasp rope firmly


Sliding is controlled by

Allowing rope to pass through gloved right hand

Hand must be in position against right buttock at all times


When using the single slide on a building without a parapet. YOU will experience a drop of how many feet when dismounting roof ?

1 1/2 feet


She using a vertical object as a chimney allow the rope to

Drop to the base close to,the roof


After making required turns around the rope you shall never

Release the rope with right hand for any reason