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What knot is used used To secure strainer end of suction connection when drafting water

Clove hitch and binder


You should connect which end of suction to the inlet of pumper

Female butt


What side of pumper should be inboard

The operating side


When laying out hose you should lay out 3 inch hose and 2 1/2 inch hose which do you lay out first and which do you connect first

Lay out hose simultaneously but connect 3 inch first


When tying off suction connection you can tie off to a substantial part of the bulkhead or pumper which is the preferred method

Tying off to the substantial part of pumper is preferred


True or false the strainer end is placed perpendicular to and just below the surface of water

False :
Parallel and well below the surface


When supplying the second pumper you must stretch one 3 inch line and one 2 1/2 each line simultaneously

False u may stretch two 3 inch supply lines if necessary

Notes :
Connections in suction line must be air tight

connect and supply second pumper with 3 inch hose first then connect 2 2/2 to second pumper using a 2 1/2 to 3 increaser


All connections and knots of suction assembly should be made before connecting to inlet side of the pumper
True or False