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When placing portable aerial pipe into operation using rear mount where do you place rear mount

25 to 30 feet away from building

Rear mount
Shorter rig shorter distance


In a rear mount aerial which wheels does the LCC chock ?

Chock wheels on his side

Note in tractor trailer he chocks both rear wheels


Where is the hose strap connected to aerial in the when attaching ladder pipe to a rear mount aerial?

Attaches hose strap to hose just below ladder pipe inlet

In notes it says just below swivel of ladder pipe
On top sliding section


How shall the aerial pipe and hose be stored on rear mount apparatus ?

Hose carried in two sections in crib
Pre-connected folded from middle
One section (length) connected to pipe in front of hose crib
One section connected to Siamese in rear of hose crib

Portable ladder pipe carried on top of upper compartment with handle attached


How is halyard stored?

Wound double from middle of real with snap clip on each end so winds simultaneously


If ladder pipe is to remain in fixed position how should the halyards be tied

Tied to turntable


Can you use saltwater in this operation?

Yes but not for drill purposes


In either type aerial if a a severe crown is encountered in street what should the ladder angle not exceed?

70 degrees


If possible jack knife truck it should be jacked knifed with cab facing ?

Curb facing closest to fire building