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When u stretch a hose to the roof via the outside of building you attach the utility rope where on the hose using what knots

Clove hitch and binder two feet away from male butt and half hitch on the nozzle


When do you insert Siamese

After the line is in position on the roof

Connect to pumper after put on Siamese


When initially stretching line to roof how much hose do you pull up onto roof

Approximately 10 feet of the 3 rd length


When securing the line on the roof you tie what knot and where do you tie it

A rolling hitch and binder beneath couplings two lengths from nozzle end

NOTE lower the line until this couplings are in the underside of roller


Where go insert the two way gate go

Between first and second lengths from nozzle


What is life belt used for when stretching a line to roof

Escaping from roof if sudden emergency develops

Officer lowers members first than himself


In lieu of verbal commands if member sees a member raising his right arm in a upward vertical motion it means

Start water


If you see a member using a horizontal motion of both arms across chest it means

Shut down

Note use flashlight at night


Two sharp tugs on rope means



When should member assisting member operating pumper proceed to roof

When all connections are completed at roof level


When stretching line to roof or upper floors via outside of building what tools do you need

2 1/2 hose
1 Siamese connection 2 1/2 by2 1/2
Two way gate 2 half by 2 half
Controlling nozzle
Utility rope
Hose roller
Life belt