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How may maternal infection with hepatitis B virus affect the foetus?

Can lead to stillbirth or miscarriage


What tests are conducted as part of baby screening?

> Physical inspection: eyes, heart, hips and testes
> Skin prick test
> Hearing test
> Infectious disease screen (mum)


What conditions are tested for in a baby heel prick test?

Sickle cell, CF, hypothyroidism and inherited metabolic diseases (PKU, MCADD, MSUD, IVA, GA1, HCU)


How can Down's syndrome be diagnosed antenatally?

• First trimester – nuchal translucency (NT), free -hCG, PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein A)
• Second trimester – AFP uE3 (unconjugated oestriol), free -hCG, total hCG, inhibin-A

An elevated inhibin A (with an increased beta-hCG, decreased AFP, and a decreased estriol) is suggestive of the presence of a fetus with Down syndrome