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What are 'healthy' fats?

Mono and polyunsaturated e.g. olive/rapeseed/vegetable oils, avocadoes, nuts, seeds and oily fish

Monosaturated = lowers blood cholesterol
Polyunsaturated = provide omega 3


What are 'unhealthy' fats?

Saturated and transfers e.g. butter, lard, meat, milk and dairy, palm oil, coconut oil/milk, biscuits, cakes, pastries, friends, takeaways

These increase LDL levels and increase risk of CHD


What is the recommended amount of protein each day?

Men = 55.5g
Women = 45g


What are modifiable risk factors for high BP?

salt intake, lack of fruit and vegetables, weight, lack of exercise, alcohol excess, smoking and stress


What are non-modifiable risk factors for high BP

age, ethnicity and gender