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Give an example of what a wine brand owner may be able to create without the restrictions of GI rules

Create multi-regional blends by sourcing grapes from different parts of a country, or even multi-national blends


Nearly on non EU wines fall into what legal production category?

Wines with a GI


What is the major difference between EU and non-EU GI wines?

Non-EU wines are not governed by local laws to define and limit what local varieties can be planted


What is rarely seen on the label of a non-EU wine?

Legal terms such as Ward, AVA or Zone


When is alcohol consumption not considered as harmful to health?

When consumed in moderation


What is the behavioural effect of too much alcohol being consumed by one person?

It can significantly affect their behaviour, often in dangerous and socially unacceptable ways


Besides behavioural connotations, what are the other potential undesirable effects of alcohol in excess?

It can be addictive
It can have negative effects on short-term and long-term health


In which cultures is alcohol consumption banned altogether?

In those which consider it socially unacceptable


How are limits applied to access and harmful effects of wine by governments?

By using legislation


What are the two biggest focuses of alcohol legislation in most countries?

A minimum age being set for personal consumption
Blood alcohol levels when driving


How is blood alcohol usually expressed?

mg of ethanol per ml of blood


Why is drink-driving monitored? (What are the main effects which make drink-driving dangerous?)

Alcohol reduces co-ordination, slows reaction times and increases risk-taking, therefore driving or operating machinery under the influence of alcohol significantly increases the risk of injury or death for the operator/driver and those around them


How else do governments sometimes encourage safe alcohol consumption?

By publishing 'sensible drinking' guidelines


What is the main constituent of sensible drinking guidelines?

Recommended daily and weekly maximum consumption amounts expressed as fixed quantities of alcohol or 'units'


How may a government place limits on advertising and marketing of alcohol?

Through voluntary industry codes
Through direct legislation
A combination of both


What are marketing and advertising legislation designed to do?

Place limits on lifestyle claims that can be made or encourage/require the use of responsible drinking messaging in advertising and on packaging