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Describe the key geographical features of Northern Italy

The vineyard regions are in the foothills of the Alps and on the extensive plain of the River Po


What is the overall climate of Northern Italy?

Moderate, with dry, short summers

Alps form a rain barrier

Moderating influences provided by bodies of water such as local rivers (like the Po) and glacial lakes (such as Garda)


What is the effect of proximity to the sea in Italy

These areas can have higher rainfall and be more at risk of fungal disease


Describe how Northern Italian vineyards were traditionally planted

High yielding vines at low densities With Pergola trellising systems


Describe a Pergola trellis

The vine canopy is trained high with the fruit hanging down below a horizontal canopy of leaves


What are the principal reasons for Pergola training?

To protect the grapes from sunburn To allow for better circulation, minimising the risk of rot


For what kinds of wines are Pergolas still used in Northern Italy?

High acidity and low sugar levels (e.g. for sparkling wine grapes) For dried grapes which need to be free from damage and disease


What is the most common training system in Northern Italy?

High density plantings using VSP


Where is Alto Adige?

Centred around the town of Bolzano in the foothills of the Alps Italy's most northerly wine region


Describe vineyard plantings in Alto Adige

Planted on terraces on the south-east and south-west facing valley sides of the River Adige


Describe the climate in Alto Adige

Moderate climate Short, dry summers Low rainfall during the growing season Most vineyards experience high diurnal range due to altitude


What does the high average vineyard altitude make the vineyards of Alto Adige ideal for?

Production of aromatic whites and elegant, light-bodied reds


What is the most notable white wine of Alto Adige?

Pinot Grigio


Describe Pinot Grigio wines from Alto Adige

Dry Light to medium body High acid Citrus and green fruit flavours


What are the next most important white grapes of Alto Adige after Pinot Grigio?

Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc


Which red grape dominates production in Alto Adige?



Describe wines of Alto Adige made from Schiava

Light and fruity

Low to medium tannins

Flavours of raspberries and plums


How are almost all wines labelled in Alto Adige?

Alto Adige DOC


Where in Italy is Trentino?

Directly to the south of Alto Adige


Describe the geography of Trentino, particularly in relation to Alto Adige

The valley is wider here than further north


Where within the valley, are Trentino's vineyards planted?

On the valley floor as well as on the slopes on both sides of the valley


What is the climate of Trentino?

Moderate climate Dry summer and low rainfall (similar to Alto Adige) Slightly warmer than Alto Adige


Why is Trentino slightly warmer than Alto Adige?

More southerly latitude Vineyards at lower altitude Mountains to the west of the valley which protect from the cooling influence of Lake Garda


What are Trentino's two main varieties?

Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio


Describe the wines made from the valley floor of Trentino

Medium body Medium acidity Ripe stone fruit flavours


What are wines like which were made from grapes grown at higher altitudes in Trentino?

More similar to whites made in Alto Adige


What are the two most planted black grapes of Trentino?

Merlot and Teroldego


Where within Trentino are Merlot and Teroldego usually planted?

Mid-slopes and valley floor


Describe wines made from Teroldego in Trentino

Medium to full body Deep colour Medium to high tannin High acidity Aromas of black fruit Usually matured in oak


How are most wines labelled in Trentino?

Trentino DOC