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Where is the vineyard area of Sherry?

surrounding the town of Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain


Where must Sherry be matured?

Either within the city limits of Jerez or in one of the two smaller seaside towns of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria


What is the climate of Jerez?

It has a hot, sunny mediterranean climate
Coastal vineyards are a little cooler on average and benefit from the cooling effect of the poniente
Higher average rainfall than much of Spain, but low during the growing season


What is the poniente?

A cooling, humid, westerly wind in southern Spain


What is southern Spain's other wind (besides the poniente)? Describe it and the effect it can have on weather and vines

The levante
Easterly, hot and drying
It can send temperatures soaring, stressing the vines and damaging grapes


What ensures that vines in Jerez can cope with weather conditions?

The chalky albariza soil


What properties of albariza soil make it well adapted to Spanish weather conditions?

The high chalk content provides good drainage
It's also very deep and has an excellent water-holding capacity to sustain the vines during hot dry summers


How is soil water-retention maximised during autumn and winter in Jerez?

Rectangular pits are dug between the rows of vines to trap the water and reduce run-off


When are rectangular pits dug in Jerez?

After harvest


When are the rectangular pits smoothed over in Jerez?

In the spring


Besides water holding properties, what happens in summer to albariza soils to further their water retention properties?

It forms a hard crust that limits evaporation from the soil


How many grape varieties are permitted in Jerez? What are they?

Pedro Ximénez
Muscat of Alexandria


Which grape accounts for the vast majority of plantings in Jerez?



Describe wines produced by Palomino

Naturally low in acid
Lacking in obvious varietal aromas


Why is Palomino ideal for Sherry production?

Because flavours come from biological or oxidative maturation, not the grapes


What is the flavour of PX?

It has very little varietal flavour


What is PX good for and why?

The production of sweet wines
Its thin skin makes it ideal for being sun dried


Where is Pedro Ximenez mostly planted?

Very little in Jerez - most from the neighbouring region of Montilla-Moriles where it grows more successfully


Describe the role of Muscat of Alexandria in Sherry

Only very small amounts are grown
It is used to make sweet wine


Which grape is used to make the dry wines of Jerez?



Describe harvest of Palomino

Given the high temperatures at harvest time, grapes must reach the press as quickly as possible to avoid oxidation


Describe fermentation of dry styles of Sherry

Takes place in large stainless steel tanks at temperatures ranging from 20-25C


What is unique about the fermentation temperatures of dry Sherry?

They are high for a white wine


Why is it acceptable for the fermentation temperature to be high for a white wine when it comes to Sherry?

Producers are aiming to produce a neutral base wine


What are the key characteristics of a base wine for dry Sherry?

It's dry with approximately 11-12% abv


How and why are wines of Jerez classified in Autumn?

They are classified into wines that will either be sent for biological or oxidative ageing


How is it decided which base wines of Jerez will be used for which purpose?

It will be based on flavour characteristics
Paler wines with more finesse will be used for biological ageing
Darker, richer, heavier wines are selected for oxidative ageing


At which stage will flor have started to grow on the surface of the base wines of Jerez?

At the point of classification for ageing


The exact criteria for classification of Jerez base wines will vary according to...

The house style of the producer


Besides house style, what else influences a producer's choice of certain base wines for certain styles in Jerez?

Producers need certain volumes of new wines in particular styles to meet sales demands