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Which spinal levels do the sympathetic preganglionic neurons run?

T1 - L3
Also known as the thoracolumbar ganglia.


Which spinal levels do the parasympathetic preganglionic neurons run?

S2-S4 and the cranial nerves.
Known as the craniosacral plexus.


Where can chromafin cells be found and what function do they have?

These are found in the adrenal medulla, the sympathetic nervous system synapse directly on these cells and release epinephrine and norepinephrine.


What neurotransmitter is released in both sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglion?

from nicotinic receptor types in the ganlgion.


What nerurotransmitters are released on the effector organs of both parasympathetics and sympathetics?

Sympathetics release norepinephrine except for sweat glands that work off ACh.

Parasympathetics and somatics use ACh.


What are the receptor types for sympathetics, parasympathetics, and somatic nerves?

Sympathetics utilize Alpha 1,2 Beta 1,2 receptors.

Parasympathetics use muscarinic receptors.

Somatic use nicotinic receptors.


How does the Gi protein work in the heart?

Gi leads to inhibition of adenylate cyclase and opening of the K+ channels. This leads to a slowing of the spontaneous phase 4 depolarization slowing the heart rate.

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