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What are the five causes of myocardial ischaemia?

Stable angina, unstable angina, myocardial infarction, left ventricular contractile impairment, dysryhthmia


How can stable angina be treated?

Medical - aspirin, beta blocker, statin, ACE inhibitor, oral nitrate, nicorandil
Surgical - stent, coronary artery bypass surgery


What is the difference in cause between a STEMI and an NSTEMI?

STEMI is usually due to acute total occlusion of a major coronary artery, while NSTEMI is usually due to acutely progressive tight stenosis of a coronary artery


What (apart from atherosclerosis) can cause an MI?

Coronary spasm, coronary embolism, coronary dissection, aortic root dissection, mechanical obstruction during cardiac intervention


How is myocardial infarction treated?

- oxygen
- pain relief
- GTN sublingually
- aspirin
- antiplatelet drugs

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