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What does the FOOSH acronym mean in orthopaedics?

Fall onto outstretched hand


True or false - elbow dislocation is extremely rare?

False - it is the second most common dislocation


What would the initial management be for a patient with an elbow dislocation?

Sling or splint, analgesia, neurovascular trauma assessment, X-ray


Give some symptoms of a fracture of the humerus

Pain, marked swelling, bruising, no function


What is the commonest type of elbow fracture?

Radial head/neck, known as an occult fracture


What is 'Nursemaid's elbow'?

Subluxation of radial head from annular ligament, caused by longitudinal traction along an extended arm. Occurs mostly in children 2-5 years old.


What is elbow osteoarthritis?

A degenerative disease of articular cartilage, usually male manual workers


How is elbow osteoarthritis treated?

Treatment depends on symptoms, but can involve surgical debridement (where mechanical blocks and loose bodies are removed) and rarely total elbow replacement


What is elbow rheumatoid arthritis?

Systemic autoimmune disease that can lead to joint destruction


What is 'tennis elbow'?

Degenerative lateral elbow tendinopathy. It is the commonest cause of elbow pain


What is the difference between tennis and golfer's elbow?

Golfer's elbow is medial elbow tendinopathy, while Tennis elbow is lateral elbow tendinopathy


What are rheumatoid nodules?

Extra-articular manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis


What is olecranon bursitis?

Inflammation of bursa due to trauma or friction, aka "student's elbow". Soft, cystic and transilluminates - can become infected. Treatment is aspiration and sometimes surgery


What is gouty tophi?

A disorder of nucleic acid metabolism leading to hyperuricaemia. Urate crystals are deposited in soft tissues, eg. ear, elbow and Achilles tendon


What are the two main types of fracture of the distal radius and ulna?

Colles' fracture (dorsal displacement and angulation, shortening) and Smith's fracture (palmar displacement and angulation, shortening)


What is the most commonly fractured carpal bone?

Scaphoid fracture


Why do scaphoid fractures heal slowly?

They have a tenuous blood supply, so they have poor healing and avascular necrosis


What is ulnar nerve neuropathy?

Compressive neuropathy of ulnar nerve at the elbow, leads to paraesthesiae, numbness and weakness

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