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How is the hand supplied with blood?

- common digital arteries supply fingers
- radial and ulnar arteries come together to form deep and superficial palmar arch


What is the test called to assess blood supply of the hand?

Allen's test


How is the Allen's test carried out?

- hand is elevated and patient asked to clench their fist for 30s
- pressure applied to occlude radial and ulnar arteries
- hand opened, should appear blanched
- ulnar pressure released while radial pressure maintained, colour should return within 5-15s


What are the functions of palmar skin?

- grasping/feeling
- must be able to move with underlying joints


What is the thenar eminence?

The bulge of muscle found at the base of the thumb


What is the hypothenar eminence?

Budge of muscle along ulnar side of palm


Which structures pass through the carpal tunnel?

- Median nerve
- flexor digitorum superficialis tendons (4)
- flexor digitorum profundus tendons (4)
- flexor pollicis longus tendon (1)


What does the median nerve innervate in the hand?

Thumb, first two fingers, half of third finger


What forms the boundaries of the carpal tunnel?

- carpal arch on one side is formed laterally by scaphoid and trapezium tubercles, and medially by the hook of the hamate and the pisiform
- flexor retinaculum forms the top of the tunnel


What areas of skin does the radial nerve innervate?

The dorsal aspect of the hand - back of thumb, back of lateral half of hand and first two fingers


What is the difference between the extrinsic and intrinsic mucles of the hand?

Extrinsic muscles of the hand run from the forearm to the hand, while intrinsic originate from within the hand.


What are the little bits of tendon called that attach the flexor digitorum profundus to the phalanges?

Short and long vinculum

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