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What are the three types of autopsy?

- MEDICOLEGAL (performed on behalf of HM coroner, no consent required)
- FORENSIC (used for suspicious deaths)
- CONSENT/HOSPITAL (requires consent from next of kin)


In what cases would a 'Coroner's autopsy' be carried out?

- if deceased is unknown
- deceased not seen by doctor within 14 days of death
- attending doctor not able to give cause of death
- obviously unnatural death
- death related to occupational disease/accident
- death related to medical treatment/procedure
- for people who are in care of the state eg. Prisoners


What are the stages of an autopsy?

- History (often limited)
- External examination (natural disease, injury, medical intervention)
- Internal examination (usually all systems, though in consent cases may be limited)


Give some examples of extra tests that may be done to accompany an autopsy

- histology (for confirming a diagnosis)
- toxicology (therapeutic/recreational drugs)
- biochemistry (diabetic/alcoholic ketoacidosis, renal failure)
- microbiology (bacteria, viruses, fungi)
- molecular (tests for genetic diseases)


What is an extramural haemorrhage?

Occurs when an artery is damaged and blood leaks out of it, causing raised pressure in the skull. There is an interval between the injury and death where the individual appears fine.

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