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What would be the results on a population pyramid of a ageing population?

Largest proportion of population older
Narrower base
Taller (longer life expectancy)
Wider (lower death rate)


What would be the changes in health care for an ageing population?

Demand increases as more illness occurs in old age
The elderly visit their doctor more
More hospitals appointments made
Government needs to find money to support this leading to higher taxes


What would be the changes in social services for an ageing population?

Elderly people need services such as nursing homes
They may need day care centres and carers
These specials needs put financial pressure on a country


What would be the pension crisis of an ageing population?

High life expectancy in developed
People expect to be able to retire and have a pension
More elderly people and less working people so taxes have to be increased to cover it
State pension in 1908= retire at 65 and die at 67
Now it's retire at 65 but die at 80 so pension have to be payed for 13 extra years


What are the opportunities of an ageing population?

Younger retired people contribute to the economy
Relatively wealthy and have lost of leisure time
Spend money on travel creating jobs in service sector
Many do voluntary or paid work so still pay taxes


What was Frances solution to an ageing population? Yeh

Three years of paid parental years (mother or father)
Full time schooling starts age 3 and paid for by government
Daycare for younger than 3 subsided by government
The more children a woman has the earlier she'll be able to retire on a full pension


What is the UK's solution?

Child benefit to those earning less than 50000 per couple
Paternity leave (two weeks for father)
Free nursery for kids over 3
Wrap around Care at school (8-6) encourages women to work and have more children


What are the only real solutions to the problems of an ageing population?

Increase taxes
Increase retirement age (currently 66)
Means test pensions
Encourage migration (increase working population)
Increase number of homes for the elderly

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