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What is the drainage basin?

The area of land drained by a river

Rain water collects and runs into a main river it is often bowl shaped


What is watershed?

The edge of highland surrounding a drainage basin
Marks the boundary between two drainage basins


What is the source?

The beginning or start of a river


What is a confluence?

The point at which two rivers or streams join


What is a tributary?

A stream or smaller river which joins a larger stream or river


What is the mouth?

The point where the river comes to an end
Usually entering the sea


What is the channel?

The landform which the river flows through


What are inter locking spurs?

Hard rock that the river doesn't have the energy to erode


What is weathering?

Weathering wears away the valley side and the stream removes the debris


How are interlocking spurs created?

As river flows through valley it's forced side to side around more resistant rock (spurs)
Little energy for lateral erosion river cuts down vertically between spurs of higher land creating interlocking spurs

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