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How do you spot a Corrie on a map?

Tightly packed contours in a U shape around it
Some corries have a tarn in them


How can you tell the height / steepness of the land on a map?

Height = numbers
steepness = how close contour lines are


How do you spot an Arête on a map?

Really thin hill with tightly packed parallel contour lines on either side
Often have corries or tarns on either side and footpaths on them with names like striding edge


How can you spot a pyramidal peak on a map?

Tightly packed contour lines that curve away from a central high point
Arêtes and corries around it


How do you spot a glacial trough on a map?

Flag valleys with steep sides so there are no contour lines at the bottom of the valley but tightly packed ones on the sides

Look for a wide straight valley in a mountainous area with a river that looks too small to have formed the valley


How do you spot a ribbon lake on a map?

Many glacial troughs have ribbon lakes in them so look for a flat valley with steep idea surrounding a long straight lake

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