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What are the physical attractions to Blackpool?

The beach
The sea


What are the Human attractions to Blackpool?

Blackpool tower
The pleasure beach
Blackpool illuminations
The peer
Conference facilities


What were they physical reasons for decline?

Coastal erosion
Beach and sea pollution
Decaying infrastructure


What were the economic reasons for decline?

Cheap flights abroad
Average stay fell = less money
Less visitors = less money


What were the social reasons for decline?

Stag and hen parties give a seedy impression of Blackpool
Over crowding and traffic jams
Unemployment during off season


What management strategies were put in place?

Beaches were cleared up
New airport build
Promenade made more attractive
Illuminations = £10 million investment
New shopping centre
Pleasure beach updates
M6 motor wAy upgrades
Attempt to bid for super casino

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