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What is transportation?

The glaciers ability to move material over very large distances


What is bulldozing?

When the ice pushes loose material in front of it


What is deposition?

When the ice carrying the glacier melts the material is dropped on the valley floor

It also occurs when the or is overloaded with material so doesn't have enough energy to carry it all


What landforms does the deposited material make?

Moraines and drumlins


What are the five types of morraine?



What is lateral moraine?

Found on the sides of the glacier
Scree from frost shattering is an important source


What is medial moraine?

Found down the middle of the glacial surface and occurs when the inner latteral moraine of two glaciers join


What is terminal moraine?

Found in front of the snout of the glacier if it is stationary
It represents the maximum advance of the ice
Always the largest and widest moraine


What is recessional moraine?

This is found behind terminal moraine but is not as wide or high
There may be several recessional moraines
They mark where the glacier has retreated and then stopped retreating depositing its materials


What is ground moraine?

This is found at the base (bottom) of the ice
Also known as till or boulder Clay
Is comes from abrasion on the base of the glacier


What is moraine?

Angular rock material that is transported and later deposited by the glacier


What must you say in exam when explaining moraine?

Where the material has come from (freeze thaw weathering) for medial and lateral

For other three types of moraine mention abrasion or plucking

Must say material has been deposited by the glacier due to a rise in temperature as the glacier moves down the valley


What is a drumlin?

An elongated hill of glacial deposits


How Big can drumlins be?

1km in length
500m in width
50m in height


What are the ends like and what are a group of drumlins called?

One blunt end
One tapered end

A swarm


Describe the formation of a drumlin?

Formed when the glacier is overloaded with moraine from freeze thaw weathering abrasion and plucking , it is also melting so it has less energy to carry the material
When the glacier meets an obstacle is doesn't have the energy to carry the moraine over the obstacle so it deposits it around the obstacle
More is deposited at first creating a blunt end as the glacier moves less is deposited creating a tapered end

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