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Where is it located?

In the north west alps
15 km from Switzerland and Italy


How long has it been a centre for tourism?

250 years


What is its population?



How many visitors does it get per day In summer / winter?

Summer = 100,000
Winter = 60,000


What are the summer tourist attractions?

40km of mountain bike track
350km of hiking trails
Tourists can visit ice grotto in summer
An alpine museum / exhibition
Cable cars and the montenvers railway


What are the winter tourists attractions?

6 ski areas
2 cross county skiing courses
Lots of glaciers including the Mer De Glace which is the longest glacier in France


What are the social impacts of tourism?

Tourism stops out migration of the young

Local people have to live in other places as houses are too expensive


What are the environmental impacts of tourism?

Chamonix is maintained as an attractive town
Large number of tourists cause a lot of traffic which increases pollution
Tourist developments have increased risks of avalanche


What are the economic impacts of tourism?

Jobs available in Chamonix have changed from farming to jobs in restaurants

The tourism industry creates a lot of jobs (2500 people work as season workers each year)

A huge amount of energy is used to run facilites for tourists e.g. Hotels / ski lifts which increases co2 levels adding to global warming


Give three ways in which Chamonix are trying to manage tourism?

Free public transport is provided for tourists
Low emission buses used
À system of avalanche barriers are maintained around the resort


What do the management strategies have to do?

Balance the need to conserve the environment with the right of people to see and experience it


What three other management strategies are in place in Chamonix?

Hotels are installing solar pannels

An initiative called Tomorrows valley brings together locals and tourists

Avalanche awareness courses

An initiative called ESpace Mont Blanc involves cooperation between France Switzerland and Italy on nature conservation , forests and water resources


What are the reasons for alpine development in Chamonix?

Amazing scenery and views
Steep slopes ideal for winter sports
Plenty of snow


What conflict was there between summer and winter tourists?

Heavy snow fall creates perfect climate for skiers
Slopes are heavily used in winter damaging the grass underneath
When ice melts the grass is dead and the surface uneven making it hard for summer hikers


What conflicts may arise between tourists and locals?

Tourists create noise disturbing natural peace
Tourists drop litter making area ugly
Many tourists travel by car increasing traffic congestion and pollution
House prices may become too high for locals as rich tourists want to buy second home in Chamonix
Tourists skiing off piste increases avalanche risk putting locals lives homes and businesses in danger

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