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What is an avalanche?

A rapid downhill movement of snow ice and rocks usually in a mountainous environment
They move down hill at speeds up to 300 km an hour


What are the physical causes of an avalanche?

Heavy snowfall (addition of weight to slope makes it unstable)

Heavy rainfall (lubricates the slope making movement easier)

Steep slopes (pull of gravity will overcome the strength of snow to stay on slope)


What are the human causes of avalanches?

Tree removal (trees keep snow in place)
Skiing and Loud noises both create vibrations which can unsettle snow


When did Les Deux Alls avalanche take place?

January 2016


What were the trigger of Les Deux Alps avalanche?

Heavy snowfall plus skiing on a closed run were the triggers


What happened at Les Deux Alps?

skiing on a closed black run resulted in the death of two school children and one adult


How do controlled explosions help reduce the avalanche hazard?

Used to trigger small avalanches that have little impact rather than allowing snow to build up to a dangerous level


How does afforestation help reduce the avalanche hazard?

Trees help trap snow on slopes and slow down the movement however this is an unpopular approach in ski resorts


How does land use planning help reduce the avalanche hazard?

Areas classified according to level of risk
Building is prevented or limited in the areas of greatest risk

Colour coded zones have been used to Colorado to successfully plan developments of towns

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