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What is migration?

The movement of people from one area to another


What's it called when people move into an area?



What's it called when people move out of an area?



What is a voluntary migrant?

People who choose to move for better job and higher wages these at called economic migrants


What is a forced migrant?

People have to move or they'll face extreme hard ship, persecution or death. They are called refugees


What is a temporary migrant?

Those who pick fruit and vegetables in the UK then go home after picking season these are called seasonal migrants


What is a permanent migrant?

People move and don't return home eg. Many people from the Caribbean migrated to the UK in the 1950-1960


What are some push factors?

Natural disaster
Low income
Housing shortages
High unemployment
Political/ social unrest
Difficult climate


What are some pull factors?

Job prospects
Attractive environment
Higher standard of living
High wages
Educational opportunities
Improved housing


What the positive impacts on the losing country? (Syria)

Less pressure on resources such as schools and hospitals

Money is sent back to the source country by emigrants


What are the positive impacts on the host country? (UK)

The immigrants are often skilled workers

Migrant workers pay taxes to help fund services and ageing population.


What are the negative impacts on the losing country?

Los my it's bloody others and income (most migrants are of working age)

Skills shortage (often more educated emigrate)

Ageing population (high proportion of old people left)


What are the negative impacts on the host country?

Shortage of housing and jobs

Locals and immigrant compete for jobs leading to conflict

Increased demand for services

Not all money earned by immigrants is spent in destination country


What are the impact of migration on the population pyramid of the host country?

Few young and elderly migrants

20-30 year olds are the majority of migrants

Base relatively wide as those entering country are at the reproductive age group


What are the affects of migration on the population pyramid of the losing country?

20-30 year olds (particularly males) are leaving

Old and young left behind

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