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Where does the eco tourism take place in Kenya?

Amboseli national park


Why were the Masai driven off their land in the 1970's and what did they originally gain?

To make way for traditional tourists and animals
Originally gained nothing


What was set up in 1996 and what was its aim?

Wildlife Conservation Area set up in the hope of protecting both wildlife and the Masai people


What are the aims of the wildlife conservation area?

Only allowed to build one hotel
Lease small areas of land to eco tourism companies
One storey Buildings
Employ local people
Buy local food
Use local materials to build hotel


What was set up in 1997?

Kimana wildlife refuge. Three tented camps owned by Kenyans


How do the Masai benefit economically from the camps?

The Masai are paid £1000 per year for the use of their land
Some Masai men make money as tourist guides


How do Masai benefit socially from ecotourism?

Better health care
More children being sent to school


How does eco tourism benefit the environment in the Kimana Wildlife Refuge?

The Masai are not chopping trees
The Masai are not grazing the land


What are the negative affects of ecotourism on the Masai?

Some Masai have turned to alcohol
Most adult Masai cannot read and write making them vulnerable to cheating tour operators with contracts

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