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What attracts tourists to Antarctica?

Ice bergs
Southern lights
Extreme sports


What are the positive impacts of tourism in Antarctica?

People are more aware of the problems once they've been so more aware of the need for conservation
See wildlife in natural habitats
Experience new environment


What were the negative impacts of tourism in Antarctica?

Sea / coastal pollution
Littering / waste
Disrupt breading patterns
Oil spill could kill penguins
Plane could crash


Name three facts about Antarctica?

Continent at South Pole
Covers an area of 45 million km squared
98% covered by ice


What measures are in place to protect Antarctica?

The Antarctic treaty
The international association of Antarctica tour operators


What is the Antarctic treaty?

Agreement signed by 47 countries that came into force in 1961


What is the purpose of the treaty?

To protect and conserve the area and it's plant and animal life


What was agreed in April 2009?

New limits would be placed on tourism in Antarctica
Only ships with fewer than 500 passengers could land and only 100 passengers on shore at a time


What are some of the rules of the IAATO?

Specially protected areas (off limits to tourists)
Wildlife must not be disturbed
No litter to be left behind
Tourists must be supervised
Sewage waste must be disposed of biologically

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