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Why has the number of cars increased?

A greater wealth
A reduction in public transport
More goods moved by lorry
More people commuting to work


What are the social problems caused by traffic?

Car crashes
Delays on public transport
Noise pollution air pollution and visual pollution
Causes health problems (asthma)


What are slime of the economic problems of traffic?

Congestion on roads
Petrol costs
Having to maintain roads


What are the environmental problems of traffic?

Co2 pollution


What are the solutions to traffic problems?

Increase parking prices
Congestion charge (London)
Underground train system (metro)
Increase price of petrol
Park and ride (Cambridge)


What are the advantages of trams?

Reduces number of cars
Reduced co2 emissions


What are the disadvantages of trams?

Often have to walk to station
Electric wires
Mainly in city
Dangerous to pedestrians


What are the advantages of park and ride schemes?

Less cars in city
Cheaper than parking in city


What are the disadvantages of park and ride schemes?

Takes problem out of city
Doesn't reduce car numbers
Destroy greenfield land

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