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What does the weight of the glacier do as it moves down hill?

Erodes the landscape


In what two ways is the landscape eroded?



What is plucking?

It occurs when meltwater at the base, sides or back or the glacier freezes onto the rock and as the glacier moves forward it pulls pieces of rock out


What is abrasion?

Is it where little bits of rock stuck in the ice grind against the rock below the glacier wearing it away


What is rotational slip?

At the top end of the glacier ice ice doesn't move in a straight line it moves in a circular motion called rotational slip


What does rotational slip do?

Can erode hollows in the landscape and deepen them into bowl shapes


What's the process called where the rock above the glaciers is weathered by the conditions around the glaciers?

Freeze thaw weathering


What is freezethaw weathering?

Water enter the cracks in the rocks, the water freezes due to cold temperatures and expands which puts pressure on the rock
The ice then thaws releasing the pressure
When this process repeated bits of rock begin to fall off creating a pile of scree
Creating material for abrasion and plucking

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