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What were the responses in lower level resorts?

Plans to build new ski lift to link resorts but this will have environmental impact

Artificial snow is cannoned onto slopes

In low level parts of Austria and Italy 40% of resorts have to make their own snow which is expensive and damages vegetation


What are the impacts on alpine environments?

Glacial retreat =
Rockslides and avalanches
Meltwater contributes to rising sea levels
Harmful pollutants trapped in ice are released into the environment polluting streams and lakes


What are the new developments in the high alps?

Road construction
The building of ski lift resorts and hotels damage natural habitats
Trees cut down to make way for developments
Over use of slopes for skiing will damage vegetation


What are the other impacts?

Disruptions in HEP power supply may result in limited energy supplies to some settlements

Once a glacier has completely melted the amount of melt water decreases and this affects, agriculture irrigation and HEP

It may result in closure of business's and people will have to move away


What is the abondance France case study?

Dependant on income from winter skiers
15 years of reliable snow fall left
2007 the ski lifts close
Local council considering future by developing other snow activities e.g. Snow shoeing which is less dependent on deep snow
Building a leisure centre for indoor sports
Boost summer tourism through hiking
Water sports and mountain biking

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