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What is ecotourism?

Tourism that benefits the ecosystem or is eco friendly


What is conservation?

Protecting and managing an environment. Locals involved


What is stewardship?

Taking responsibility for conserving the environment
Locally regionally and nationally
All developments are done sustainably


How does eco tourism benefit local people?

People have better more stable incomes in ecotourism than in other jobs
Many ecotourism schemes fund community projects e.g. Schools


How does ecotourism benefit the economy?

Creates jobs for local people which helps local economy grow
Local people not directly employed in tourism can make money by selling things to the tourist industry


What are the environmental impacts of eco-tourism?

Local people encouraged to preserve environment as they make money of eco tourism
Reduced poaching as more benefit from protecting them for tourists
Try's to reduce use of fossil fuels by using renewable energy resources and local food

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