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What shows natural increase?

Where the birth rate is about the death rate


What shows natural decrease?

When the death rate is about the birth rate


What does the DTM show?

That the population got all countries can be divided into four stages


What are the feature of stage one and an example?

Little medicine
Low life expectancy
No means of birth control

Traditional rainforest tribes


What are the features of stage 2 and an example?

Decrease in death rate
Improvements in medicine and hygiene cute some diseases
Children needed for agriculture so birth rate high



What are the features of stage three and an example?

Death rate continues to fall
At the start of this stage birth rate decreases
But control available
As the country develops children become an economic cost

India/ Kenya


What are the features of stage 4 and an example?

Birth and death rates both low
Lines are close together
Called the low fluctuating stage as there's some growth but it's slow

USA France U.K.


What are the features of stage 5 and an example?

Death rate rises because the population includes more elderly
Woman have many career options so many postpone children or not have them
Total population starts to decline

Italy/ Germany/ Japan

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