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Where in the EU are people moving from?

Eastern Europe e.g. Estonia


Where are people in EU moving to?

Western Europe e.g. Ireland and UK


What is a informal job/ economy?

Includes employment that comprises work done without the official knowledge of the government and therefore without paying taxes e.g. Window washer


What is a formal job/ economy?

Refers to the type of employment where people work to receive a regular wage and at assured certain rights e.g. Paid holidays
Wages are taxed e.g. Teacher


What are the pull factors to the UK from Poland?

Better healthcare (NHS)
Better education
Better wages (up to five times more)
Bette standard of living (housing benefits/ transport)
Better education (university)


What are the push factors from Poland to the UK?

Lower wages and fewer job opportunities

Rural areas are very isolated and deprived


What are asylum seekers?

People who are at risk if they stay in their own country


When do asylum seekers become refugees?

When they settle into another country


How many EU immigrants claim to be asylum seekers?



Why are Senegalese people leaving?

Dry climate = subsidence farming is limited so little money

Sparsely populated so few opportunities


Why are the Senegalese attracted to Italy?

Better ages
The men that leave send money home and often return with enough money to build a house


What are the advantages for U.K. And British people with movement inside the EU?

Migrants bring labour and skill
Cheaper work force
Greater cultural experience


What are the advantages for Poland and polish people with movement inside the EU?

Earn more money in U.K.
Money can be sent home to improve relatives standard of living
Improving English may help them get jobs at home


What are the disadvantages for U.K. And British people with movement inside the EU?

Schools have to provide extra support to none English children

Unemployment for some and polish often work for less money

Tension between some members of the community


What are the disadvantages for Poland and polish people with movement inside the EU?

Some family left behind
Children find school hard without speaking English
Polish workers may be badly treated (underpaid)
Skilled people in Poland are missed (dentists)


What are the housing issues of migration in the U.K.?

Accommodation can be difficult to find for migrants

Demand for housing has grown immensely in U.K. During early 21st century fuelled by high levels of migration


Why do migrants boost UK's economy?

Migration brings labour and skill
Most migrants pay tax which contributes to economy


Why do some migrants not contribute to UK's economy?

Working in informal sector (not paying tax)
Use uk health and education services adding to governments cost


What are the problems in schools with U.K. Migration?

Schools taking many immigrant children may be under pressure

British parents feel opportunities are reduced for their children by children who don't speak English


Where do most of the UK's migrants come from?

The uk received 600,000 Eastern European migrants between 2004-2006

Poles' can earn five times as much where as uk cost of living is only twice that in Poland

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