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What are the four types of land use in a city?

The inner city
The suburbs
The rural-urban fringe


What is the CBD and what are it's features?

The central business district
Usually found in the centre of a city
Commercial centre with the biggest shops and offices
Where Punic transport routes meet
High land values and large competition for space
Buildings are very tall and close - few people live here


What is the inner city and what are its features?

The part found around the CBD
A mix of poorer quality housing ( high rise flats) and older industrial buildings
Areas of derelict land
Can be deprived but some redeveloped parts


What are the suburbs and what are their features?

Housing area found towards the edge of the city
Land here is cheaper and the distance to town is still commutable
Middle class families tend to live here, less crime and pollution than in inner city
Lower density of housing usually semidetached


What is the rural-urban fringe and what are its features?

Right at the edge of the city
Fewer larger houses
Transition zone between Urban (factories) and rural (farming) land uses

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