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Where is Bedzed?

Wallington, London


When was it build?



What is Bedzed?

A sustainable community of 100 houses


How does having triple glazing make it sustainable?

It keeps homer warmer and means what fewer fossil fuels are burnt / used so resources are not wasted and it doesn't contribute to global warming


How does thicker walls and insulation make it sustainable?

Prevents energy loss and less fossil fuels used to conserved resources


How does houses built with recycled materials make it sustainable?

Less waste is sent to land fill sites so not wasting land


How does having a carpool that you can borrow a car when you want it make it sustainable?

Less fumes and reduces use of fossil fuels and therefore climate change
Bikes are available


How does having solar panels make it sustainable?

Renewable energy = reducing fossil fuels so doesn't add to global warming


How does having jobs on site make it sustainable?

Reduces amount of people commuting and they don't have to drive so reduces use of fossil fuels and doesn't add to global warming


How does recycling make it sustainable?

Makes less waste of resources so they are there for future generations

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