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What is sustainable living?

Doing things in a way that allows the people living now to have things they need without reducing the ability of the people in the future to do the same


What would unsustainable living be?

Irreversibly damaging the environment
Using up resources faster than they can be replaced


How schemes to reduce waste and safely dispose of it contribute to sustainable living?

More recycling = fewer resources used
Less waste produced = less land fill which are unsustainable
Safely dispose of toxic wastes preventing air and water pollution


How does conserving natural environment and historic buildings contribute to sustainable living?

They are all resources so if they get used up they won't be available for future generations
Historic buildings can be restored and natural environments protected


How does building on brownfield contribute to sustainable living?

Stops green space being used up so it is available for
Future generations


How does building carbon neutral homes contribute to sustainable living?

Buildings that generate as much energy as they use e.g. Using solar panels


How does creating an efficient public transport system contribute to sustainable living?

Fewer cars on road = reduced pollution


What are the characteristics of a sustainable city?

Environment not damaged
Jobs are secure
Strong sense of community
No traffic or pollution problems
Locals involved in decision making


What is urban sprawl?

The spreading of a city

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